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MITSUBISHI Vehicle Elevator
Mitsubishi vehicle elevator CIC-V is tailored to special requirements of vehicles on space and performance by utilizing world-leading technologies. It has greater flexibility and higher reliability; therefore, it is able to make sure your valuable vehicle in absolutely safe conditions.
The adaptation of the VVVF control technology originated from Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co.,Ltd. dramatically improves the operational stability of CIC-V vehicle elevator, reduces noises and saves energy. Besides, the Mitsubishi elevator door operator is outfitted with the world-leading photo-electronic device, so as to guarantee safety when vehicle entering or leaving. The landing announcement lamp of Mitsubishi vehicle elevator is specially designed to provide more reliable and human-oriented services. The advanced data network system significantly raises transmission speed and accuracy of the elevator control data, and further improve its working efficiency.
The vehicle elevator developed by Shanghai Mitsubishi is not only the product of contemporary high technologies, but also the fruit of modern art. Mitsubishi car elevator has a fashionable and elegant design, revealing the spirit of nobility everywhere. Its unique design style shows that it closely keeps in step with the city’s development.
Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator is from Japanese Mitsubishi, a base of elevators and escalators in Shanghai, is offering various kinds of automobile elevators to meet different customer demands. Besides the car lift, Mitsubishi Elevator Shanghai is providing large capacity elevators for residential and commercial use, to carry people and goods, welcome to use Mitsubishi elevators.