With the understanding of humanity’s devotion to enjoyment and comfort, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co.

Mitsubishi Electric elevators are contributing to the development and expansion of high-tech cityscapes around the world, and providing architects and developers with new options for innovative building designs. Unique state-of-the-art technologies are continuously being introduced to improve elevator operation

Shanghai Mitsubishi elevators offer a wide selection of standard and fully customizable designs. Our elevators are engineered to exacting standards.

HOPE-II – Elevator, HOPE-IIG – Elevator, LEHY-II – Elevator, LEHY-IIB – Elevator, LEHY-M – Elevator, LEHY-MRL – Elevator, Observation – Elevator, Passenger Elevator ETCHED Patterns, CIC-V – Vehicle Elevator, SD-BS – Dumbwaiter Elevator.

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