Delicacy breeds magnificence; Details reveal true feelings. Mitsubishi dumbwaiter is in line with the concept of “Quality First, User Friendly, Energy-Saving, Environment Protection, Benefit the Society”. Based on this, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co.,Ltd. strives for perfection and excellence.
SD-BS uses the VVVF drive originated from Mitsubishi, truly realizing high efficiency, energy saving and environment protection. The innovative acoustic and optical warning device and the overload control and warning system used in the dumbwaiter reflect Mitsubishi’s pursuit of delicacy, so as to escort customers and offer excellent services.
Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator is from Japanese Mitsubishi, a base of elevators and escalators in Shanghai, is offering various kinds of dumbwaiters to meet different customer demands. Besides the freight elevator, Mitsubishi Elevator Shanghai is providing large capacity passenger elevators for high rise buildings, hotels and shopping centers. Welcome to use Mitsubishi elevators.