MUTIBISHI Passenger Elevator HOPE-II
Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator is from Japanese Mitsubishi, a base of elevators and escalators in Shanghai, is designing and manufacturing HOPE-II series passenger elevators to meet client needs. Mitsubishi Elevator Shanghai is providing residential elevators and commercial elevators for use in shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, etc. Welcome to choose Mitsubishi elevators.
CL-3Elevator Car Ceiling
Applicable for wide car
Car CeilingPainted Steel Plate *
LightingIndirect lighting of plate block type through acrylic transparent
mirror faceplate, translucent mirror faceplate, and half-slotted
lighting is adopted on both sides.
Ventilation DevicePainted steel plate grill ventilation and cross-flow fan
HandrailStainless Steel Flat Handrail
Car FloorParquet marble pattern shall be provided by customer.
Note : For wide car series, car inside height is standard, 20mm sink of car is standard configuration. When the car platform sinks 20mm, no decoration floor is provided, so customers can decorate with marble stone on their own.
Color number is selected and determined according to SMEC decoration color boards.